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128 oz. Floor Cleaning Kit (4-Pack)

128 oz. Floor Cleaning Kit (4-Pack)

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Low foam floor stripper can be applied with a cotton mop or scrubbing machine . Sealer can be used on most types of interior floors including rubber, asphalt, tile, vinyl, composition, terrazzo, unfinished concrete and no wax vinyl . Sealer applied with rayon string mop . Finish applied with rayon string mop . Neutral floor cleaner works great on interior vinyl floors, asphalt, tile, rubber, sealed concrete, marble, granite and natural stone . Apply neutral cleaner with a rayon mop or scrubbing machine . All products 128 oz.

Here’s a chance to try what the professionals use to achieve impressive cleaning results. Maintain your hard surface floors with the ZEP Commercial Floor Cleaning Kit. This 4 step floor care kit consists of 4 specially formulated products designed to clean and restore shine to hard surface floors. Each kit includes a heavy-duty Floor Stripper to remove acrylic finishes and build-up, a Stain Resistant Floor Sealer to ensure a clear gloss, a High Traffic Floor Finish to prevent scuff marks and slips, and a Neutral Floor Cleaner to clean and restore a high-gloss shine. All products are clearly labeled step 1 through step 4 for easy use, and they're shipped directly to your door.

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