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1.6/1.1 GPF Sensor Dual Flush Valve

1.6/1.1 GPF Sensor Dual Flush Valve

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E-z flush automatic retrofit kit for closet and urinal valves, chrome-plated metal cover . Clog resistant diaphragm and solenoid . Chemical resistant gaskets and seals for extended service life with lower maintenance costs . 3-year warranty . Dual flush electronics monitor usage, if user is present for 60 seconds or less, or selects the green override button and the valve will deliver a reduced water volume, of approximately 30% of the standard flush, if user is present for greater than 60 seconds, or selects the black override button and the valve will deliver a standard flush

Zurn model# ZR6000AV-WS1-DF is a dual flush AquaSense 'AV' exposed closet flush valve. This exposed, quiet diaphragm-type, chrome plated, flushometer valve has a polished exterior. Comes complete with Zurn's TPE chloramine resistant diaphragm with a clog resistant by-pass. The valve incorporates a 6 VDC solenoid valve, a battery powered automatic sensor with dual flush technology and dual flush override buttons. Valve incorporates a brass electronics housing with polished chrome plated exterior, high back pressure vacuum breaker, 1-piece hex coupling nut, adjustable tailpiece, spud coupling and flange for top spud connection. Control stop has internal siphon-guard protection, vandal resistant stop cap, sweat soldering kit, and a cast wall flange with set screw. Internal seals are made of chloramine resistant materials.

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