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Multi Pet Kit

Multi Pet Kit

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  • $ 3495

Products include ZERO ODOR's breakthrough technology in odor and stain control, ZERO ODOR seeks out and bonds with odor molecules, permanently turning them into non-odor molecules . Eliminates odor at the molecular level . Fragrance free . Non-toxic . Non-allergenic/non-irritating . Biodegradable . Spray in air and on all types of surfaces . Patented formula

ZERO ODOR multi pet kit includes: one 16 oz. ZERO ODOR litter spray - for all of your feline litter issues; one 16 oz. ZERO ODOR pet spray for general pet odor issues in the air, on surfaces, etc. One 16 oz. ZERO ODOR stain and odor remover which can be used on hard and soft surfaces. Great for getting out organic, urine, vomit and solid waste stains.

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