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Heat Recovery Water Heater System - Zero Energy

Heat Recovery Water Heater System - Zero Energy

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Creates free hot water during AC use which reduces your overall energy costs . Also produces hot water during heating season with heat pump systems . Reduces your carbon footprint and helps protect the environment . Has no pumps or moving parts to fail so requires no electrical power input . Requires zero maintenance and includes a 10 year warranty . Installs on all major brands of HVAC and water heater systems . Covered under the Magnuson-Moss warranty act, so won’t void any warranties . Less expensive and outperforms all other systems like tank-less, solar or heat pump water heaters . Works with HVAC package units ranging from 1.5 to 6 tons (larger systems available upon request) . Depending upon AC size, produces between 8 and 20 gal. of 50 degree rise hot water per hour of AC system run time . Manufactured in America by Olive Tree Energy and brought to you by Gone Green Earth--two companies specializing in money saving energy efficiency solutions . ZeroEnergy installation kit with the necessary components for connection to all major HVAC and water heater brands is available separately . Requires installation by a certified HVAC and plumbing technician

ZeroEnergy is a unique, innovative heat recovery system that provides free hot water while your air conditioner (AC) system is running. It connects to both your outdoor AC unit and your water heater, helping them both work more efficiently. Because water heating can be as much as 30% of your total energy bill, the higher your current water heating bill, the quicker ZeroEnergy will pay for itself. ZeroEnergy works so well that in the warmer months when your AC is running constantly, the hot water portion of your energy bill can be reduced to zero. Please see the attached product and installation videos for more details. Installation is available through The High Quality certified installer network, so please call 813-978-3733 to speak with an Olive Tree Energy technician for product and installation questions.

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