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12 in. 13 Amp Leaf Shredder

12 in. 13 Amp Leaf Shredder

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  • $ 12900

Bonus kit includes: hand rakes for easier leaf pick up, replacement string line for blade-less mulching system and safety goggles . Telescopic legs are tall enough for paper lawn bags to fit underneath, plastic bags can also be used . Quick, tool-free string line replacement system . Entire unit is collapsible for easy and compact storage . Adjustable setting allows for the shredding of both wet and dry leaves . High Quality Protection Plan:

The YardForce 8000 Leaf Shredder is the perfect solution to all those pesky piles of leaves overcrowding your yard. It can take twelve (12) paper lawn bags full of leaves and shred it down into one (1) bag. The final product of your shredded yard waste is a vitamin-rich, organic mulch that acts as a great fertilizer for your garden and would also be a useful addition to your compost pile. A key feature of the YardForce 8000 are the adjustable legs for balance and stability on uneven ground. Since the YardForce Leaf Shredder uses electric power, you don't have to worry about emitting harmful chemicals into the atmosphere while you safely and efficiently shred your leaves.

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