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9 in. H Ceramic Decorative Statues in Brown

9 in. H Ceramic Decorative Statues in Brown

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Show your artistic side with this uniquely- designed ceramic statues, best placed indoors to complement corners matched with vases to provide a contemporary-classical atmosphere . Match any room style with these ceramic statues, features transcendental scene that would surely blanket any room with abstraction and enigma . Great to place at foyers together with other accents and decors of the same color range and anyone will surely have a taste of mystification and adventure . Perfect for those who wants an atmosphere of escape from reality, provides any room with elegance at its most profound manner and expression

Yosemite Home Decor presents a collection of ceramic statues. The 2 light brown ceramic figures are covered in wrapped twine from the waist down, leaving their upper bodies exposed as they embrace each other in a hug. This piece would complement any room in the home.

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