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Smart Bluetooth Beacon - Crystal (1-Pack)

Smart Bluetooth Beacon - Crystal (1-Pack)

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Less battery consumption on the phone . Can track a virtually unlimited amount of beacons . Same beacon can be shared on multiple phones . Alerts users when a beacon goes out of range, preventing loss . High Quality Protection Plan:

XY find it is a small stylish beacon that you can attach to just about anything and find it from your smartphone via Bluetooth. It is a lost prevention device that helps people keep track of what matters most like keys, purses, pets, children, and more from the convenience of a smartphone. Our secure, cloud-based solution ensures that you control who can see your beacons, while giving you the flexibility to share the items with the people you trust. XY is a true beacon: It broadcasts Bluetooth 4.0 signals in iBeacon format. There is less interference because the beacon does not act like a BLE peripheral that continually connects to the host device. Product Advantages: XY is powered by an affordable, replaceable battery that lasts about 6 months. XY is water resistant. XY Android app supports more devices. 4. XY comes in 7 colors and a special white version that can be branded.

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