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4 in. Clay Washpot Euonymus Green and Variegated Pair

4 in. Clay Washpot Euonymus Green and Variegated Pair

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Feel just under the surface of the soil often to determine when to water, carefully pour water on the surface of the soil until some drains out the bottom, do not allow your Euonymus Topiary to stand in water . Place plant near filtered light from a north or east facing window, move your euonymus topiary indoors if temperatures fall below freezing . Fertilize perhaps monthly while the plant is actively, don't fertilize a stressed plant as this will further stress the plant's roots . Trim off excess growth to keep desired shape

Rock solid plant that is perfect of the gifted gardener as well as those not so patient with plants. Thrive with minimal care. Euonymus prefers to dry out slightly before being watered. Once your Euonymus Topiary has outgrown its pot, or just perhaps because it dries out too quickly to easily maintain, you may repot it into a slightly larger pot, being careful not to over- or under-water the plant to help promote new roots to form.

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