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8 in. Grand Ivy Rustica Bird Cage

8 in. Grand Ivy Rustica Bird Cage

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When watering, pour directly on the soil, allow the water to drain for 5 minutes, do not allow the soil to sit in water for any more than 5 minutes . Sprinkling or misting the vines and leaves with water several times per week is also beneficial to keeping your plant looking good and preventing insect pests . Fertilize lightly with a complete, quality fertilizer once a month if your plant is actively growing, avoid over-fertilizing . A location that is near a window or door that is frequently open is beneficial to keeping your topiary healthy also, for best results, after 2 or 3 weeks of being inside your topiary would like a 1 to 2 week "vacation" outside on a covered porch or patio, especially during the non-winter months, this will help it to resume active growing and rebuild reserves used up while indoors

A sturdy wire frame is carefully inserted into a pot of Ivy with very long runners and the Ivy vines are meticulously woven onto the frame. Ivy does not naturally wrap itself around a frame (it uses adventitious roots to attach itself to a solid surface) so all our weaving is done by hand. Most of our Ivy Topiary designs are meant for you Not to see the frame under the Ivy vines and leaves; for the Rustica (rusty wire) designs the wire frame is an integral part of the product and IS meant to be conspicuously seen.

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