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18 l Lead-Free Potable Water Thermal Expansion Tank

18 l Lead-Free Potable Water Thermal Expansion Tank

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  • $ 7124

Diaphragm type expansion tank for water heaters, 4.8 gal. tank volume capacity . Maximum working pressure is 150 PSI, and maximum water temperature 200 degree F . Tank's outer shell is made of carbon steel, diaphragm is made of butyl rubber, and water chamber is polypropylene lined . IAPMO listed, certified to NSF/ANSI 61, annex G

The XT Series is designed for installation on potable water lines between the backflow preventer or pressure reducing valve and the water heater to protect against water thermal expansion. When system pressure increases, water enters the tank’s polypropylene lined water chamber which expands a diaphragm into a pre-charged air chamber, keeping system pressure below the relief valve setting.

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