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X-Core 8 Station Controller

X-Core 8 Station Controller

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  • $ 9800

Control up to 8 stations using 3 programs and 4 start times for each program . Weather sensor compatible for automatic shutdown during rain/freeze/wind events . Can control any 24-Volt irrigation valve . Non-volatile memory saves programs to permanent memory and programs are retained in memory even after a power outage . Extra flexibility, with 3 programs (each with 4 start times), multiple scheduling formats, and the ability to select sensor input by station can accommodate any irrigation system, simple to expansive . High Quality Protection Plan:

The X-Core controller represents handy water management control in a compact, user-friendly timer that is capable of meeting the irrigation requirements for a wide range of residential landscapes. X-Core has many advanced features, including global seasonal adjustment. 365-days calendar to make water savings easier, plus a default system that permits retrieval of the original program entered into the controller.

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