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5-Gal. Asphalt Re-Surfacer

5-Gal. Asphalt Re-Surfacer

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  • $ 4999

Texture for improved safety . Rich black appearance . Impermeable surface seal . Higher coefficient of friction . Superior ride quality . Minimize curb loss . Eliminates dust and loose aggregate . Coverage may vary due to existing pavement conditions

MACMAT-AR Asphalt Driveway Re-Surfacer is much more than a seal coat. Technically it is a Type II Micro-surface, a high solids polymerized liquid asphalt re-surfacer. MACMAT-AR is the result of new technologies as well as advanced polymer modifications producing an economical cutting edge micro pavement surface treatment. MACMAT-AR is designed to encapsulate the pavement and prevent water intrusion. MACMAT-AR incorporates specially graded aggregate to achieve a tough, highly durable and slip resistant surface. This results in reduced maintenance and a safer pavement surface. It provides superior wet pavement friction, better traction in freezing conditions and due the deep rich black color aids in melting snow and ice. While seal-coat is typically installed at a rate of 1 lb. per sq. yd., MACMAT-AR is installed at a rate of 11-18 lbs. per sq. yd. Helpful Tips: MACMAT-AR should only be applied when temperatures are at least 60 degrees and rising for a 24-hour period after application. Make sure to remove all loose debris from surface before installation. Do not install when rain is imminent. High humidity levels can increase dry times. MACMAT-AR dries in 2-4 hours but it is always recommended to keep vehicle traffic off for 24-hours.

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