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5-Gal. Asphalt Driveway Re-Surfacer

5-Gal. Asphalt Driveway Re-Surfacer

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  • $ 4999

Type I micro re-surfacer, more than just a sealer . Adds a new surface to existing asphalt . Perfect texture for driveways, trails and low volume parking lots . Extends life of pavement . Reduces maintenance costs over time . Remains black over the life of the product . Coverage amounts can vary due to existing asphalt conditions

T-MAT Asphalt Driveway Re-Surfacer is much more than a seal coat. Technically it is a Type I Micro-surface, which uses cutting edge technology to re-surface your asphalt by adding back the materials lost over time. The new surface is a smooth texture and will remain black over the life cycle of the product. While seal-coat is typically installed at a rate of 1 lb. per sq. yd., T-MAT is installed at a rate of 4-6 lbs. per sq. yd. Helpful Tips: T-MAT should only be applied when temperatures are at least 60 degrees and rising for a 24-hour period after application. Make sure to remove all loose debris from surface before installation. Do not install when rain is imminent. High humidity levels can increase dry times. T-MAT dries in 2-4 hours but it is always recommended to keep vehicle traffic off for 24-hours.

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