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60 ft. x 18 in. 240-Volt Floor Heating Mat (Covers 90 sq. ft.)

60 ft. x 18 in. 240-Volt Floor Heating Mat (Covers 90 sq. ft.)

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  • $ 94100

Standard mat width and length are stocked for immediate shipment and easy on-site fitting to any floor . Combine multiple mats to fit your desired heated area up to 300 sq. ft. per thermostat (purchased separately) . Add a power module (purchased separately) to increase your heated area in increments up to 300 sq. ft. each . Factory-attached, hermetically sealed lead wires connect to household 220/240-Volt . Lead wires on only one end of the mat facilitate mat layout and installation . 1/8 in. thin heating cable imbeds in thinset mortar and minimizes raising the floor height . Construction-grade fiberglass mesh provides an anti-fracture membrane that strengthens the floor and helps prevent grout line cracking . Provides all the comfort and health advantages of radiant heating without fans, drafts, blowing pollutants or allergens . Saves energy 25% to 35% compared to convective systems, using the programmable floor thermostat . Manufacturer provided lifetime technical support when installed with manufacturer-provided thermostats specifically designed for radiant floor heating

WarmWalk radiant floor heating mats are typically installed in kitchens and bathrooms to make tile floors cozy and comfortable. WarmWalk can be used in new construction or remodeling to heat or supplement any room, addition or basement. WarmWalk floor heating mats are designed for fast and easy installation on virtually any subfloor and under any floor covering. Besides being ideally suited for all types of tile, marble, porcelain and stone floors, WarmWalk can be installed under carpet, vinyl, laminate and wood floors when imbedded in self-leveling cement. WarmWalk’s standard size mats are designed for easy on-site fitting to any floor. Since WarmWalk’s heating cable is factory spaced on rolls of fiberglass mesh, it reduces installation time. Simply roll out the mats and cut the mesh to turn WarmWalk in any direction to fit the floor. Lay tile as usual by troweling thin-set mortar over the heating mat. Openings in the heating mat grid allow the mortar to securely adhere the tile to the subfloor. If you prefer, you can skim coat or self-level over the mat and lay the tile in a second step. Once the mortar cures, connect the heating mats to the thermostat and power. No on-site splice connections or special tools are necessary. WarmWalk is designed to reduce electro-magnetic field (EMF) to a negligible level so there is no worry about interference with other electronic appliances. WarmWalk is UL Listed and safe for installation in showers.

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