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Expanding Seed Starter Fabric Pots

Expanding Seed Starter Fabric Pots

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  • $ 999

Expanding seed starter wafer with its own pot . Transplants into a container or into the ground without risk of root shock . Wafer expands with water to twice its original size . Stronger root systems . Easy to use and easy to grow . Saves up to 50% water . Completely self-contained . Perfect for starters and replanting . Use this calculator to determine how much product you need to complete your project:

WONDER SOIL Seed Starter Pots are ideal for everyone. The Seed Starter Pots are completely self-contained. Each pot is housed in a porous and biodegradable fabric case that grows with the soil from a wafer to a self contained pot. They are able to be transplanted directly into the ground without the risk of root shock.

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