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Advanced Notification Back-Up System

Advanced Notification Back-Up System

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  • $ 37700

12-Volt battery back-up sump system with advanced notification with foreign and domestic components . Sump minder microprocessor continuously monitors battery status and self tests the back-up sump pump every 14 days . Sends a voice alert to up to 3 phones in the event of back-up pump activation, high water, low battery charge, self-diagnosed pump problem, and more . Smart charging technology is superior to regular trickle chargers; breaks surface charge and brings battery up to optimal levels . Provides up to 92 hours of basement protection during a power outage . Easily programmed with the built-in LCD display screen and panel buttons . Back-up pump max. flow is 3300 GPH; 2300 GPH at 10 ft. of discharge lift . High Quality Protection Plan:

Hello, this is your sump pump calling'. Sump Minder is the only back up sump system on the market that monitors and self-tests your primary and back-up sump pumps, and calls you in advance of a problem. Microprocessor controlled 12-Volt back-up sump system self-tests the pump system every 14 days and sends a voice alert to any phone, so that you can take action before flooding occurs.

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