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WS-1095 Digital Scanner

WS-1095 Digital Scanner

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Easy to understand user interface . Complete radio reference USA and Canada database on standard SD Card . Improved P25 functionality . Upgradeable CPU firmware, DSP firmware and library . Powerful WS1095 PC application software included . SKYWARN storm spotter functionality . SAME and all hazards weather alerting . Multi-system trucking . Powerful spectrum sweeper . Expanded V-scanner II storage system

The Whistler WS1095 is a desktop/mobile multi-system adaptive Digital tracking trucking scanner with Motorola P25 Phase I, X2-TDMA and Phase II capabilities. All USA/Canada services and frequencies are pre-programmed onto the included SD card making it ready to use out of the box; it can even be programmed by entering your ZIP code. This model features a removable front control panel with cable and mounting plate, an easy to use navigation with a multifunction keypad, a PC program for easy customization and includes USB cable and PC software. It also has Virtual Scanner mode that can store 200 various scanner configurations. The WS1095 permits recording by scannable object; saves into a Windows compatible audio file. The clock and calendar function adds date/time info to the recordings. The dedicated Sky warn/Weather button allows quick access to frequencies used by storm spotter networks and NOAA weather reports. Additionally, this model features Whistler’s Spectrum Sweeper and a programmable audio and visual alert system.

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