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Conductivity/TDS/pH/mV Meter Stirrer

Conductivity/TDS/pH/mV Meter Stirrer

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  • $ 62900

Built-in stirrer with 30, 60, and 120 minute timer or continuous operation . Large backlit dual LCD simultaneously displays measurement and temperature . 2 or 3 point pH calibration for better accuracy (4, 7, and 10 pH) . 1 point conductivity calibration - automatically recognizes 4 calibration solutions . Adjustable conductivity to TDS ratio from 0.5 to 1.0 . Automatic temperature compensation . Memory stores up to 150 readings . High Quality Protection Plan:

The WQ500 is a 3-in-1 meter that measures pH, ORP, and temperature of liquids and semi-solids. The unit features a 30-, 60-, and 120-minute timer or continuous stirring, 2 or 3 point pH calibration, and automatic temperature compensation. This unit features a large backlit dual display, and the ability to store/recall 150 readings, as well as capture readings directly to a PC via the built-in USB interface. The WQ500 comes with pH glass electrode, temperature probe, pH calibration solutions (4 and 7 pH), plastic burette, polishing paper, electrode clamp and rod, software and USB cable, AC adapter, stirrer, and user manual.

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