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Professional 4 oz. Kettle Popcorn Maker in Red

Professional 4 oz. Kettle Popcorn Maker in Red

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  • $ 8700

500-Watt of power . Classic style popcorn maker . Kettle holds 4 oz. of kernels to pop up to 10 cups of fresh popcorn in 3 minutes . Non-stick aluminum kettle is removable for easy cleaning . Removable doors for easy cleaning . Tilt access door for easy serving . Popcorn scoop, oil measuring spoon and kernel measuring cup included

The Waring Pro WPM28 Professional Popcorn Maker helps put the finishing touches on any home cinema room. This modern take on the classic cart-drawn popcorn maker boasts a glossy red finish that makes a bold statement in the home. This 500-Watt unit yields up to eight cups of popped corn and is easy to clean with the removable pivoting kettle. Create perfectly popped corn with almost no preparation and bring a taste of the movies into your home.

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