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Sapphire 25 ft. HDMI Cable - Black

Sapphire 25 ft. HDMI Cable - Black

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  • $ 9999

Engineered for excellent sound . Solid select-grade copper conductors . Superior insulation materials . Controlled for proper conductor directionality . Sophisticated signal-processing chip

WireLogic understands the challenges of proper HDMI cable design and employs its most sophisticated solutions. The smooth surface of our Solid Select-Grade Copper OFC Conductors provides an ideal “rail guide” for information packed digital audio and video signals. Superior conducting and insulating materials, and exceptionally consistent inter-pair geometry, minimize time-domain distortion and other cable-induced distortion mechanisms. Unlike other HMDI cables, the conductor orientation in WireLogic HDMI is carefully controlled to deliver the best possible performance. Additionally, housed within the cable’s receiving end, a sophisticated Spectra7 signal-processing chip ensures optimum audio/video performance, capable of delivering a maximum data rate of 18Gbps. Whether watching the evening news or immersing yourself in a favorite concert video, WireLogic HDMI provides a superior experience thanks to its informed application of leading-edge design and materials.

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