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Jetlun JIM Wireless Panel Meter

Jetlun JIM Wireless Panel Meter

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  • $ 9850

Home and commercial building energy monitoring . Supports single, two, and three-phase environments . Easy installation . Up to 3-phase real-time energy monitoring . Supports net-metering . Pinpoints how energy is used and where . No communication wires . High accuracy (99%) . Data storage and analysis for baseline audits, efficiency verification and compliance reporting . High Quality Protection Plan:

The JIM Panel Meter can monitor energy consumption patterns in equipment and buildings. The Panel Meter can also act as a sub-metering device that provides remote, real-time phase-based energy measurement of electric load consumption. When the Panel Meter is paired with other Wiser home management system components, such as Wiser In Home Displays, Wiser Smart Plugs, and Wiser Smart Thermostat, home energy management is delivered in one complete seamless, secure, and wireless system. Kit comes with 2 current transformers (CTs) for single phase residential power monitoring.

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