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3 ft. USB Plugmold with 3 USB Modules

3 ft. USB Plugmold with 3 USB Modules

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  • $ 14223

Compact design low-profile design installs in tight locations while offering multiple power and USB charging connections, receptacle spacing accommodates bulky AC adapters . USB charging - dual-port charging modules share 2.4 Amp of charging capacity and can charge multiple phones, tablets or other mobile devices at the same time . Tamper-resistant receptacles - prevents the insertion of foreign objects into receptacles reducing the risk of shocks or electrocution, meets 2014 NEC section 406 requirements . cULus E15191 GUIDE PVGT7

Plugmold Multi-outlet Systems are now available with multiple USB charging options that provide power and USB charging options for any application. Choose from models with a single USB charging module and power receptacles, 1 with alternating USB charging modules and power receptacles, or an all USB charging module version. Included tamper-resistant receptacles provide safety for multi-user facilities, residential living spaces and kitchens. Designed to easily mount on wall surfaces, the low-profile design is aesthetically pleasing and available in 3, 5 and 6 lengths in a variety of colors and finishes. Alternating USB/PWR available in 5 lengths only.

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