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4 ft. LED High Bay Wire-Guard

4 ft. LED High Bay Wire-Guard

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Decorative paper candle covers add a touch of customization and refinement to dress up your lighting . Designed as beautiful alternative to plastic and wax sleeves . Cardboard is a natural insulator for lighting and will not melt or crack . Matte lamination on paper to reduce glare, refine hand and seal color . Sleeve length is adjustable by easily trimming with kitchen utensils accommodating socket lengths . For use with chandeliers, sconces or lamps . Remove existing sleeve to easily fit kaarskoker replacement sleeve over socket

For use with common 6 in. installed housings for retrofit applications: New construction use with housings L7X, LC6, or L7XLED T24 (dedicated LED connector). Remodel or install from below applications use with L7XR or L7XRLED T24 (dedicated LED connector). LED module for use in retrofit / remodel or new construction applications where energy savings, long-life, and functional delivered light levels are required. The Reality LED module provides 80% energy savings over the 65W BR30 and replicates the beam pattern and useful light levels of these fixtures.

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