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Worm Bomb Hundreds of Worm Eggs in Cocoons

Worm Bomb Hundreds of Worm Eggs in Cocoons

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Each bomb contains over 50 clay cocoons - refrigerate when not needed to keep worms stagnant . 5 to 10 worm eggs in each cocoon, all in a stagnant state . 6 different species of worms, including red wigglers and European night-crawlers to maintain genetic diversity as nature intends . Case is made out of potato starch with a bio-plastic wrapper - toss in compost when done . Includes exciter paper - a revolutionary worm super-food that will speed up worm growth and increase worm success when you plant it with the worm eggs . Refrigerate when not needed to keep worms stagnant

Worm Bombs are an exciting new way to stimulate health and growth in your garden, yard and compost. Every successful garden, yard or compost pile requires the help of nature’s greatest recyclers, worms. Worms turn our kitchen scraps into thick, nutritious and incredibly rich soil. Plant you're Worm Bombs like you would plant a seed - add warmth and water for growth. You can plant and hatch your worms in anything from garden soil, worm farms, compost and food scraps. If you aren’t ready to plant and hatch the worms right away, just store Worm Bombs in the refrigerator - the cold dry climate will keep the eggs in their dormant state.

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