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2 in. x 25 ft. Waterproof Seam Tape for Tile

2 in. x 25 ft. Waterproof Seam Tape for Tile

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Installation is easy as 1, 2, 3 - peel, stick and grout; no special tools needed, no mixing necessary . Apply to any substrate - any clean flat stable surface, drywall, plywood, old tile, laminate, Formica, etc. - no moisture in product . Water tight - product in hydrophobic, repels water . Save money - DIY and there's less chance of unexpected damage or repairs; save time - grout and enjoy the same day . Environmentally friendly - no VOC's, no dust, no odor, recyclable lines . Applications: kitchens and bathroom walls, counter tops, back splashes, tub and shower surrounds, foyer and laundry rooms . Unlimited open time - tile at your own pace, keep top release line on until ready to adhere tiles . Provides adhesive, moisture resistance, crack resistance and mold resistance in one product . Mold resistant - antimicrobial added for mold protection - resists cracking and unexpected damage or repairs

Wet Area Seam Tape is specially designed to repel water at the seam between one sheet of Bondera to another. This makes it ideal for shower and tub surrounds or back splash areas near a sink, where water is bound to hit the surface. Bondera makes it easy to keep things water tight. Bondera is an advanced, pressure-sensitive tile adhesive on a roll that offers results in half the time and without the stress, mess and technical demands of traditional tile setting materials. Just peel the Bondera liner, stick the tile in place and you can grout immediately.

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