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Cleaning Pad

Cleaning Pad

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3 sets of microfiber cleaning pads per box, each set contains 1 front pad and 1 rear pad . Eco-friendly cleaning pads are reusable . Cleaning pads are machine or hand washable for your convenience . WINBOT cleaning pads can be used with WINBOT W730 or WINBOT W710

WINBOT's Microfiber Cleaning Pads are specially designed to clean better than a regular cotton cloth. Our microfiber technology lifts and locks dirt and moisture away in crevices between finely woven strands of synthetic fiber. Cotton cloths just push dirt around. Change WINBOT's Cleaning Pads regularly for sparkling windows, and replace them when they become worn. WINBOT comes with 2 sets of Cleaning Pads come with the robot. 3 sets of eco-friendly, washable Microfiber Cleaning Pads are included in each replacement pack. WINBOT Replacement Microfiber Cleaning Pads can be used with the W710 and W730 models of WINBOT.

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