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Happy-Light 12 in. White 5000 LUX Energy Desk Lamp

Happy-Light 12 in. White 5000 LUX Energy Desk Lamp

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Up to 5,000 LUX of natural spectrum day-light improves mood, energy and concentration . Prompts the body’s natural energy enhancers to combat the effects of the Winter Blues, seasonal change, shift work, jet lag, malaise and fatigue . Balanced natural spectrum day-light gently helps the body recalibrate and stabilize . Sleek, space-saving design is ideal for home, office or dorm room . Energy efficient bulb uses only 36-Watt to produce 300-Watt of natural spectrum Day-light . High Quality Protection Plan:

Beat the Winter Blues with the Happy-light 5000 Energy Lamp. As many as 1 in 7 Americans suffer from Winter Blues, believed to be caused by a lack of exposure to natural sun-light. Winter Blues can affect mood, energy, sleep, appetite and more.-light therapy has been found to be an effective, chemical-free approach to addressing the symptoms of Winter Blues and the Verilux Happy-light 5000 Energy Lamp provides the most studied and proven form of-light therapy. The Happy-light’s balanced Natural Spectrum Day-light helps the body recalibrates and stabilizes, reducing fatigue and lethargy, improving focus, concentration and productivity. With 5000 LUX of Natural Spectrum Day-light, the Happy-light 5000 can also help address jet lag and difficulties sleeping and waking due to shift work. Even in southern climates, the Happy-light 5000 prompts the body’s natural sleep patterns without artificial stimulants or drugs. The Verilux Happy-light 5000 Energy Lamp lets you set your preferred level of brightness and intensity and has a sleek, space saving design that’s ideal for the home, office or dorm room.

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