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Smart Sun Lighting System (Non-Air Cooled)

Smart Sun Lighting System (Non-Air Cooled)

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Wide braided polypropylene cord hook style hangers have a maximum weight capacity of 150 lb. and allow adjustment of grow lights, carbon filters, fans and more . Remote ballast has extruded aluminum housing engineered to dissipate heat and keep the components cool without noisy fans . 120V/240-volt detachable power cord allows easy change over . Extremely efficient – 99% power factor, complies with UL, CUL, EMC, ROSH standards is generator ready and has internal RF shielding . Easy to use grounded multi-pin timer has up to 48 on/off daily settings with easy to use trippers, pushed down for each fifteen minute on cycles as long as 23-3/4 hours and as short as 15 minutes . 15-amp capacity allows for use even with 1000-watt HID lights . Included HID bulbs are 2,000K color temperature, electronic ballast compatible and optimal spectrum for healthy plant growth making them perfect for fruiting and flowering plants

The Venus Grow Light Reflector System is an open hood design. The glassless reflector is ideal for maximum light output. Very easy to assemble and perfect for any grow room. The system includes a dimmable 600/750/1000/Super Lumens HPS/MH 120/240 lighting system remote ballast with timer, HPS lamp, MH lamp, power cord, ratchet hanger, reflector, and reflector hooks.

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