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Smart Sun Deluxe 6 in. Grow Light Reflector

Smart Sun Deluxe 6 in. Grow Light Reflector

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  • $ 29900

Easily remove tempered glass, no tools needed, for lamp or bulb replacement or to clean the glass . Completely air tight neoprene gasket seal to hold the tempered glass in place without air leaks . Accommodates most high intensity discharge (HID) bulb types, both high pressure sodium (HPS) and metal halide (MH) . Includes tempered glass, 15 ft. lamp cord and socket, reflector hooks . Aerodynamic socket junction box for better air flow to cool hot lamps and lower garden temperatures . Built-in sealed air ducts . Wide coverage area and consistent light uniformity for maximum light output

Viagrow’s Smart Sun Deluxe features a low profile design and large footprint ideally suited for 1000-Watt light packages. Equipped with a highly reflective full aluminum insert for proper reflectivity. This reflector will give you years of high performance and great results.

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