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Short Focus Semi-Rigid Camera Probe

Short Focus Semi-Rigid Camera Probe

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  • $ 82900

640 x 480 resolutions . NTSC video format . LED lamp lights . CMOS imaging sensor

The VSC58-2RM is a cable camera probe for use with the FLIR VS70 Videoscope. This camera can wirelessly communicate with the VS70 when in use with the FLIR VST Videoscope transmitter. The VSC58-2RM is a general purpose camera and cable. The camera is 5.8 mm which enables the camera to fit in small openings less than 10 mm in size. It has a 56° field of view and is mounted on a 2 m cable. The VSC58-2RM's focal length is 20 mm to 60 mm for shallower fields of view.

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