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Display for LM-24M

Display for LM-24M

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  • $ 24900

Visual status for up to 24 analog lines or stations (idle, in-use, ringing) . Maximum display runs: (1) display: 244m (500 ft.), (2) display: 122m (400 ft.), (3) displays: 61m (200 ft.) . Adjustable display viewing angle for desk or wall mounting . 1 year warranty . High Quality Protection Plan:

Communication from the LM-24S scanner is accomplished over a single pair to the LM-24D display. The LM-24D display receives data through pins 3 (red) and 4 (green) of a modular 6-wire jack or pins 2 (red) and 3 (green) of a modular 4-wire jack. The LM-24M can power up to (3) VK-LM-24D displays.

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