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Miracle Fruit

Miracle Fruit

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Make sour taste sweet . Alleviates some side effects of chemotherapy . Diabetics and dieters can use them to reduce sugar intake . Best grown in a pot with filtered light and make perfect patio plants . Plants are fruit bearing age already and fruit throughout the year . Make great gifts

Miracle Fruit are beneficial to chemotherapy patients, diabetics and dieters. The fruit contains a unique glycoprotein called miraculin that inhibits the tongue’s perception of sour flavors. The effects are experienced by moving the pleasant tasting fruit over the tongue and then discarding the seed. For up to an hour all bitter and sour flavors will be masked and everything consumed will taste sweet. The fruit are commonly used as a novelty, but they are also valuable for medicinal and dietary purposes as well. Miracle Fruit can mask the metallic flavor food gets after a chemo treatment, thereby acting somewhat like an appetite stimulant. By eliminating that intense metallic flavor the overwhelming sense of nausea and aversion to food vanishes. Chemo patients are able to enjoy a simple meal after using a Miracle Fruit and this can help improve quality of life, reverse unwanted weight loss and help speed recovery. Miracle Fruit can help diabetics and dieters naturally reduce or even eliminate their sugar intake without sacrificing their favorite foods, drinks or desserts. It is not an artificial sweetener. It is an all natural way to enjoy sweet flavors and keep blood glucose levels in the target range without the risk of overloading with unwanted carbohydrates.

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