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Variable Girder Tiedown

Variable Girder Tiedown

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Can be installed on roof pitches up to 8/12 or on a bottom chord designed to transfer the load . Screw holes are configured to allow for double installation on a 2-ply (minimum) truss . When installed on trusses with no overhangs, specify VGTR/L . Install washer component (provided) so that top of washer is horizontal as well as parallel with top of wall top plate . Made from 7-gauge steel . Galvanized for extra corrosion resistance . Install with 1/4 in. x 3 in. Strong-Drive SDS screws and 1/2 in. diameter anchor bolts

The Variable Girder Tiedown (VGT) is a higher capacity alternative to the LGT and MGT for girder trusses. It attaches with Simpson Strong-Tie Strong-Drive screws (SDS) to the side of truss and features a predeflected crescent washer that allows it to accommodate top chord pitches up to 8/12. The VGT is also available with one flange concealed for attachment to trusses with no tail.

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