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Brookfield 22.5 in. Aged Bronze Desk Lamp with Counter Weight Control

Brookfield 22.5 in. Aged Bronze Desk Lamp with Counter Weight Control

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  • $ 11995

Fashioned after apothecary lamps first unveiled at the 1904 St. Louis world exposition, the Brookfield is a true classic design . Clean and balanced natural spectrum light brings daylight indoors providing illumination with greater contrast and true color rendering . Flicker elimination technology and optix glare control virtually eliminate fatigue and eyestrain . Energy efficient lighting system provides 75 Watt of incandescent illumination from an 18 Watt bulb . Solid metal construction and choice of beautiful finishes provide years of service and reliability

The Verilux Brookfield Desk Lamp features multiple joints with counterweight control so the lamp can raise, lower and pivot easily. The Brookfield includes the energy efficient technology of the Verilux 18 Watt 10,000 hour/life compact fluorescent bulbs. Illuminated, it simulates daylight brightness, while the electronic ballast delivers flicker-free, instant-on reading and task lighting. The exclusive Verilux Optix glare control filter provides unmatched glare-free reading light that actually rests your eyes the more it is used. Traditional finishes and solid metal construction include aged bronze, with a one-year limited warranty.

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