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VersiCharge Gen 2 Smart Grid 30 Amp Indoor/Outdoor Electric Vehicle Charger Plug-In Bottom/Rear Fed with 20 ft. Cord

VersiCharge Gen 2 Smart Grid 30 Amp Indoor/Outdoor Electric Vehicle Charger Plug-In Bottom/Rear Fed with 20 ft. Cord

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Siemens VersiCharge SG (smart grid) with Wi-Fi is equipped with a CEA2045 module to enable communication through the Siemens cloud to provide user with actionable information on a smart phone or via web pages . Universal version of the VersiCharge plugs into a NEMA 6-50 type receptacle installed in the wall below where the unit is mounted; it cannot be connected to a standard 110/120-Volt receptacle . Charging an electric vehicle has never been easier than with the Siemens VersiCharge SG, customers are able to monitor and control the charging status, charging schedule, and power level remotely through the VersiCharge SG Smartphone app or via provided web pages . We make it easy to understand the power consumption of your EV, the usage information conveniently displayed via the VersiCharge SG Smartphone app or via the web pages is captured in real time from the revenue accurate meter integrated into each VersiCharge SG unit . Included mounting bracket is easily attached to many surfaces with the included screws; VersiCharge SG is rated for outdoor installations (NEMA 4) . Support advanced demand response programs all VersiCharge models feature variable amperage demand response and allow consumers to take advantage of utility rate programs . Your VersiCharge is equipped with a plug and cord assembly which can either be plugged into a suitably sized double-gang receptacle below or behind the unit, the plug and cord assembly can be detached from the unit for a hardwired installation . Charge delay button: a simple, multi-setting delay timer has been built into the Siemens VersiCharge; allows the user to delay charging by 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours from the time of plug-in and can be adjusted using the phone and web app; charging sessions will automatically start after the delay charge timer has completed; this can help you take part in utility programs that save you money . Maximum power adjustment switch: the VersiCharge SG features the amperage adjustment dial inside of the unit allowing you to throttle power all the way down to 1.8 kW and additionally features a throttling function to adjust your power rate from the web app or VersiCharge SG phone app . User focused design: the unit’s standard SAE J1772 connector is ergonomic for user comfort and an integrated holster keeps debris and dust out of the plug for clean and convenient usage . Completely re-charges most EV batteries in less than 3.5 hours (up to 7.2 kW or 30 Amp) . 20 ft. flexible cord for those hard to reach spots with easy storage on the VersiCharge unit . 30 Amp, 240-Volt level 2 charging capability cuts charge time by 75% versus a level 1 electric vehicle charger . 3 year warranty: the Siemens VersiCharge comes standard with a 3 year warranty regardless of who installs the device, included with that is a dedicated support staff for any questions or installation questions you might have; call 1-800-241-4453 if you have any questions

The Smart Grid VersiCharge features Wi-Fi connectivity allowing the user to connect via phone application to send commands and track power usage. Siemens 30 Amp Level 2 Smart Grid VersiCharge (VCSG30GRYUW) electric vehicle charger arrives ready to plug in for use into a 240-Volt receptacle and is easily attachable to most surfaces with the provided mounting bracket. Most Electric Vehicle batteries will be charged from zero to full in less than 3.5 hours, leaving plenty of time to delay your charge by 2-8 hours with the easy to use time of charge delay feature on the unit. Additional features like the status indicating LED Halo visible from a distance and a clean cord management solution will leave you even more satisfied when you get into you’re fully charged EV every day.

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