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VersiCharge Gen 2 30 Amp Indoor Electric Vehicle Charger Hard-Wired Install Version with 14 ft. Cord

VersiCharge Gen 2 30 Amp Indoor Electric Vehicle Charger Hard-Wired Install Version with 14 ft. Cord

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Hardwire version of the VersiCharge is directly hardwired to the electrical system and no plug is provided, therefore, use of an authorized professional electrician is highly recommended . Charge delay button: a simple, multi-setting delay timer has been built into the Siemens VersiCharge allowing the user to delay charging by 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours from the time of plug-in; charging sessions will automatically start after the delay charge timer has completed and can help you take part in utility programs that save you money . Charging status LED halo: color indication of charging status viewable from across the room; the Siemens VersiCharge LED halo indicates ready-to-charge, charging, and fault conditions . Maximum power adjustment switch: installing electrical vehicle chargers into older homes can be a challenge; with the Siemens VersiCharge, the EVSE power output can be adjusted to match your house or building capacity; increments range from a maximum power setting of 7.2 kW down to 1.8 kW . User focused design: integrated holster keeps dust and debris out of plug; 60% recycled material with matte finish is rugged, durable, and easy to clean; the SAE J1772 connector is ergonomically designed for user comfort . Indoor rated: NEMA 1 rating only protects against dust, light, and indirect splashing; primarily prevents contact with live parts; use indoors and under normal atmospheric conditions; for our weather-proof NEMA 4 electric vehicle charger we recommend you look at our universal plug-in VersiCharge (VC30GRYU) . Easy hardwired installation with provided mounting bracket . Compatible with all plug-in electric vehicles (SAE J1772 vehicle plug) . Completely re-charges most EV batteries in less than 3.5 hours (up to 7.2 kW or 30 Amp) . 14 ft. flexible cord with easy storage on the VersiCharge unit . User-friendly installation, design, and functionality . 30 Amp, 240-Volt level 2 charging capability cuts charge time in half versus a level 1 electric vehicle charger . 3 year warranty: the Siemens VersiCharge comes standard with a 3 year warranty regardless of who installs the device, included with that is a dedicated support staff for any questions or installation questions you might have; call 1-800-241-4453 if you have any questions

The Siemens 30 Amp Level 2 VersiCharge (VC30GRYHW) electric vehicle charger arrives ready to be hardwired for use in your garage or parking pad. Most EV batteries will be charged from zero to full in less than 3.5 hours, leaving plenty of time to delay your charge by 2-8 hours with the easy to use time of charge delay feature on the unit. Additional features like the status indicating LED Halo visible from a distance and a clean cord management solution will leave you even more satisfied when you get into you’re fully charged EV every day. For recommended installation services provided by the High Quality call 1-800-466-3337 and enter code 267.

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