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Wired 4 Door Bells with Door Unlock

Wired 4 Door Bells with Door Unlock

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  • $ 50700

Transmit and receive volume controls . 3 distinctive ring patterns . Places simultaneous calls in queue . Requires -24 VDC, 600mA (Filtered) . High Quality Protection Plan:

The V-2904, when used with Valcom Door Plate speakers, provides voice paging with hands-free reply up to four doors from any telephone location. The V-2904 initiates ring-in on the telephone system and send a confirmation tone to the door speaker. The individual at the phone responding to the signal will determine if access should be allowed. Pressing a programmed code on the telephone dial pad or pressing the remote button will unlock the door to allow admission. The V-2904 also provides an alarm control output to alert an unauthorized entry.

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