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Automatic Water Shut Off Sensor

Automatic Water Shut Off Sensor

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  • $ 4999

Extra water sensor for the ValveSentry automatic water shut off device; no limit - add as many as desired to the controller . Add extra water sensors near water heaters, washing machines, sinks, toilets, and plumbing . Flooding caused by failed water heaters, washing machines, frozen leaking pipes and leaking plumbing can be a disaster . Small leaks can create a flooded basement and home if they go undetected

The ValveSentry is the first and only automatic water shut off device that you install yourself - no plumbing required. The water sensors can be placed anywhere in your home to detect unwanted water and promptly turns off water at its source. It fits over almost any ball or gate valve and shuts off your water main when a leak is detected. Installation is simple and doesn't require cutting into plumbing - anyone can do it with ordinary hand tools. Place a water sensor near water heaters, washing machines, sinks, toilets, and plumbing. If a leak occurs, the sensor sends a signal to the controller, which shuts off the water at its source. Installation is simple. Operation is automatic. Leaks do not give you any warning signs. Hot water heaters, washing machine hoses, toilet and sink valves and hoses - these all can fail suddenly and leak continuously until you come home and discover a flooded house and $1000's of damage. Don't let a leak cause a flooded home. Continuously monitor your plumbing and shut off your water at the earliest sign of a leak. For peace of mind when away at work or on vacation. Protect your valuable property and treasured memories.

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