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82 ft. Plant Twist Tie with Dispenser (6-Pack)

82 ft. Plant Twist Tie with Dispenser (6-Pack)

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  • $ 1297

Durable metal ties hold up for many uses . Weather resistant for indoor or outdoor use . Rust-resistant wont stain . Designed to be installed by hand to support growing plants . Great for tying vines, climbing fruits and vegetables, and top heavy indoor/outdoor plants . No knotting, easy dispensing . Lasts many uses

Viagrow Plant Twist Ties can be used to secure your vining crops to trellises or stakes, to tie up top heavy plants like tomatoes, or to aid in the presentation of floral crops like orchids. The soft, pliable, plastic coated metal core twist tie is green to blend in with foliage. It comes as a 82 ft. roll on a handy dispenser with built in cutting tool. Makes tying up and trellising your plants simple and easy.

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