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300 Gal. Aeration Raised Bed Planter with Handles

300 Gal. Aeration Raised Bed Planter with Handles

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Super large size fabric planter can be used as raised bed gardens . Inexpensive and durable fabric can last through multiple seasons . Breathable material aerates the soil for optimum root growth . Can be used with various types of soil or hydroponic growing media . Perfect for greenhouse and outdoor applications . Made with 100% new polypropylene (PP) - environmental friendly . 300 Gal. planter bed holds up to twenty seven (27) 1.5 cu. ft. bags of potting mix

The 300 Gal Aeration Raised Bed Planter With Handles are durable enough to last for multiple seasons of gardening while creating an oxygen healthy root system for the plant. Designed to allow roots to breathe, these beds stand up well to heavy harvests and can be used for soil or hydroponic applications both indoors and outdoors. The mini raised beds are made of 100% new polypropylene (PP) and are environmental friendly. Please note that our mini raised beds are measured in trade gallons. A Trade gallon is a term used to denote the sizes of standard plant containers in horticultural industries. A trade gallon is equal to approximately 0.71 U.S. liquid gallons.

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