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Mini Raised Bed Fabric Pot Container with Coir/Coco Growing Media

Mini Raised Bed Fabric Pot Container with Coir/Coco Growing Media

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Coir raised bed media helps retain moisture during summer months . Keeps roots cool in the heat . Inexpensive and durable fabric can last through multiple seasons . Breathable material aerates the soil for optimum root growth . Can be used with various types of soil or hydroponic growing media . Perfect for greenhouse and outdoor applications . Viagrow containers are suitable for all types of fertilizer . Also available in other sizes, 1 gal. to 300 gal.

The Viagrow 20 gal. Mini Raised Bed container comes with 5 kg (approximately 18 gal.) of premium Viagrow Coco Coir growing media. Just expand the coir growing media by soaking it in water then add it to your fabric mini raised garden bed and you are ready to plant your seeds or seedlings. The premium coir media will fill the mini raised garden bed leaving about 3 in. or 4 in. of top space allowing for the addition of other fertilizers, mixes and plants. The 20 gal. mini garden bed allows roots to breath. These beds stand up well to heavy harvests and can be used for soil or hydroponic applications both indoors and outdoors. The mini raised beds are made of 100% new polypropylene (PP) and are environmental friendly. Note that our mini raised beds containers are measured in trade gallons. A Trade gallon is a term used to denote the sizes of standard plant containers in horticultural industries. A trade gallon is equal to approximately 0.71 U.S. liquid gallons.

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