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6 in. 1000-Watt Electronic HPS/MH Smart Sun AC Grow Light System Remote Ballast

6 in. 1000-Watt Electronic HPS/MH Smart Sun AC Grow Light System Remote Ballast

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Extruded aluminum housing is engineered to dissipate heat and keep the components cool without noisy fans . Includes tempered glass . Ballast can be dimmed without switching bulbs . Ratchet hook light hanger movers are easy to use allowing you to hang and move the grow light and provide a 150 lb. weight capacity per pair . Durable white coated finish . Included 5KV socket and 15 ft. reflector cord for reflector and a 120-Volt/240-Volt detachable power cord for the ballast allowing easy change over . Up to 48 on/off daily settings with easy to use 15 minute on cycle trippers as long as 23 3/4 hours or cycles as short as 15 minutes . Extremely efficient 99% power factor . Power different Wattage lamps on the same ballast . Enhanced lamp compatibility works with all major brands of lamps . Internal RF shielding . Operates both HPS and MH lamps . Reflector includes mounting brackets for easy hanging . Runs between -10°C and 40°C . Reflective aluminum interior for super light output and uniformity . Maximum grow light air cooling with built in 6 in. fittings and air tight design

The ViaVolt V1000ECBW combines a ViaVolt 600-800-1000-Watt Electronic HPS Dimmable Ballast 120/240-Volt, ViaVolt Smart Sun II Reflector, 6 in. Air-Cooled, 1000-Watt HPS bulb, ratchet hook light hangers and a 24 Hour Single Outlet 120-Volt Programmable Timer. The 600-800-1000-Watt Switchable Electronic Ballast features a 3-year warranty and has hot lamp restart protection and a 8 min delay. The ViaVolt Electronic Grow Light Ballast has an internal resin coating for extra protection and longer ballast life and an external circuit breaker to prevent damages. The ViaVolt Bat Wing Reflector is highly reflective with a pebbled interior for even light distribution and dispersion. This inexpensive grow light reflector will help direct light toward the plant canopy where it’s needed most. The reflector comes pre-wired with a 5KV socket which will accommodate HID bulbs (both HPS and MH). The grounded multi-pin timer is extremely easy to use with most indoor appliances. There are up to 48 on/off daily settings with easy to use trippers. Trippers are pushed down for each 15 minute on cycle. Controls cycles as long as 23 3/4 hours, or cycles as short as 15 minutes. 15-Amp capacities allow for use even with 1000-Watt HID lights.

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