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6.5 Gal. Universal Oily and Watery Absorbent Spill Kit

6.5 Gal. Universal Oily and Watery Absorbent Spill Kit

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Continually attracts and captures - new and used motor oil, fuel (diesel, gasoline and jet), crude oil, hydraulic fluid, transmission oil, radiator fluid, brake fluid, paint (oil and water based), cooking oil, bleach, blood and other biologic fluids, metal working fluids and much more . Works on land and water - will not sink even when fully saturated . For use indoors or outdoors and in windy conditions . Lightweight and easy to handle . Saves time - a quick, 1-step cleanup . Instant absorption power - no need to wait for effect unlike traditional absorbents . Efficient - fast acting and cost effective . Green product - proudly made using recycled material . Non-toxic and does not harm the environment . Used products can be re-used after oil extraction or incinerated for power generation . Environmental friendly - successfully reviewed by the U.S EPA and the California department of fish and wildlife

Looking to clean up any watery or oily spills, Look no further. This Heavy Duty Emergency 6.5 Gal. Spill Kit comes with just the right tools that are more use and disposal cost effective than any other method. This 6.5 Gal. spill kit comes in a durable plastic bucket with locking lid and includes two (2) 3 in. x 4 ft. socks, eight (8) Universal Power Mats that clean up both watery and oily spills, two (2) lb. of Cel-Fiber - a powerful universal absorbent made using 100% recycled, biodegradable sorbent material and as an added bonus: safety glasses, nitrile hypo-allergenic gloves and a handy disposal bag. Altogether, each spill kit immediately absorbs up to 6.5 Gal. or more of watery and oily spills. Keep this spill kit on site for emergencies and normal use, so when the time comes, you’ll be prepared.

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