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Ultra-Saw 3.5 in. Masonry Cutting Wheel

Ultra-Saw 3.5 in. Masonry Cutting Wheel

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  • $ 197

Abrasive material for high performance masonry cutting applications . No need to apply excessive pressure the tool does the work . For use on the Dremel US40-01 ultra-saw (sold separately) . 30-grit, silicon carbide grain . "Click here to connect to the world’s most talented & novice DIYers in one community. Share, Learn, Connect, and Inspire. Craft. Fix. Build. Join Now "

The US520-01 masonry cutting wheel can cut a wide range of masonry materials including stone, slate, cement board, bricks, concrete, cement backer board and more. The US520 wheel features a 50% longer life than the SM520 Saw-Max masonry cutting wheel, allowing you to cut more material. The US520 is a 3.5 in. Dia wheel.

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