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Satin Nickel LED Under Cabinet Solo Task Light Kit

Satin Nickel LED Under Cabinet Solo Task Light Kit

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Ultra-efficient solo-task LED fixtures reduce energy consumption; operate on only 3.5-Watt input per fixture, just 1/4th the power required for equivalent halogen or xenon . 50,000-hour LED life virtually eliminates light source replacement; at 4 hours use per day you could expect 34 years of maintenance-free operation . State of the art, dimmable LED fixtures produce 174 Lumens each with 3000K color temperatures; provides bright-white consistent light with superb color rendering . Cool operating LEDs project virtually no heat in the light beam and transfer minimal heat to cabinetry . LEDs produce no ultraviolet rays that can damage fade-sensitive materials, and with no mercury or other toxins they are safe for both the family and the environment . Ultra-low 9/16 in. profile and small 2-1/2 in. Dia enables the die-cast aluminum fixtures to fit unobtrusively under cabinets or shelves; satin-nickel finish is durable and attractive . Sophisticated optic design produces exceptionally smooth, uniform aperture luminance and eliminates multiple shadow effects often found in similar fixtures . Kit includes 3 solo-task LED fixtures that provide uniform under cabinet illumination when connected in daisy-chain fashion . Kit contains everything required for a complete, easy installation, including 3 fixtures, 1 plug-in driver/transformer with field-installed switch, 10 ft. of wire, and 5 adhesive-backed wire clips . UL and CUL listed

The Juno Solo-Task LED Under cabinet Light Kit offers energy-efficient illumination for kitchen countertops and other work surfaces. The ultra-thin, small-diameter Solo-Task LED fixtures fit unobtrusively under cabinets or shelves and produce bright white illumination for task and accent lighting. The stylish, contemporary housings are made of durable die-cast aluminum and feature a handsome black finish. The LED light source incorporates the very latest technology, offering exceptional energy efficiency, color consistency, and long service life. The kit includes 3 Solo-Task LED fixtures and everything you need for a complete, easy installation.

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