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SLA 12-Volt L4 Terminal AGM Battery

SLA 12-Volt L4 Terminal AGM Battery

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AGM batteries have the electrolyte suspended in fiberglass mat separators that act as absorbent sponges . For best results active users should charge battery daily . Molded top and side connection terminals provide versatility, increased strength and durability . Specially designed to be completely spill proof and leak proof . Excellent resistance to vibration, shock, chemicals and heat . Lower self-discharge means less time between recharging . Withstands high current output and deep cycling for more sustained performance . DOT 60 classified for easy transportation . UL recognized

The SLA UB-4D 12-Volt L4 Terminal AGM Battery is a premium quality absorbed glass mat technology (AGM) is ideal for ATVs, motorcycles, personal watercraft, and snowmobiles. The Adventure Power AGM Battery was designed for more than performance; it was designed for the enthusiast with more cranking power than our competitors' same sized battery. Frequent replacement and high maintenance are over. A one year warranty is also included for your peace of mind. The Adventure Power AGM Battery provides the most power and best value in the industry. Primary Applications: ATV, Marine, RV, Solar.

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