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Solution Soaked Scrubbing Towels (90-Count)

Solution Soaked Scrubbing Towels (90-Count)

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Amazing hand cleaner and towel combination that cleans hands and non-porous surfaces like tools and equipment . Removes paint, grease, tar, permanent marker and other hard to clean stains . Environmentally friendly product conditions hands with lanolin, aloe and vitamin E . No need for water or cloth towels . 10 x 12 extra large solution towels

They're bigger, tougher and soaked with a knock-your-socks-off cleaning solution that overpowers even the most onerous grime. Just reach for Tub O' Towels and show challenging cleaning jobs that you mean business. Unlike typical wimpy wipes, our thick towels hold up to vigorous scrubbing. Use them inside, outside, on the job or on the go. 90-count soaked scrubbing 10 x 12 XL towels.

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