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GR 13/14/15 Tube with TR 13 Valve

GR 13/14/15 Tube with TR 13 Valve

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  • $ 1395

Various sizes available . For use with automobile . CR78-13, DR78-13, CR78-14, DR78-14, ER78-14, CR78-15, DR78-15, ER78-15, FR78-15, FR70-14, CR70-15, DR70-15, ER70-15, FR70-15, 6.70R13, 7.00R13, 7.00R14, 7.35R14, 6.85R15, 185R13 . 185R15, 195R15, 195/70R14, 205/70R14, P185/8013, P175/80R14, P185/80R14, P195/75R13, P185/75R14, P205/75R14, P185/75R15, P195/75R15, P195/70R13, P205/70R13, P195/70R14, P205/70R14, P215/70R15, P195/70R15, P205/70R15, P215/65R13

The butyl tubes have increased performance against air leakage. Sustainable long term use. Reduces rolling resistance and supports heavier loads.

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