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Belt Drive Turntable with USB

Belt Drive Turntable with USB

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  • $ 25995

Fully manual-belt drive turntable . Battle and club style design . ±10% variable pitch slider . Solid aluminum platter . Line-level RCA outputs with built-in pre amp . Adjustable counter weight and anti-skating controls . Dual soft-touch start/stop buttons . Motor-off button for slower braking . Includes audacity recording software, CN-15 cartridge, felt slip mat, detachable RCA, ground cables, head shell and 45 adapter

The Gemini Belt Drive Turntable with USB connectivity is built on a robust ABS base and enclosure with heavy, adjustable rubber feet. This unit effectively eliminates external vibration feedback. It has an aluminum platter and a precision aluminum tone arm for road ready durability for superior tracking and skip resistance in the most difficult conditions. This unit also offers easy soft touch motor on/off button with LED indicator for quick response on starting the platter and simple one-touch variable 33 and 45 RPM speed buttons. But possibly the most intriguing feature of the Gemini Belt Drive Turntable is the ability to connect it to a USB port on a PC or Mac, allowing users to transfer their vinyl collections into digital formats at 44.1kHz sampling rate and 16-bit depth. This unit is the tool of choice to bridge vinyl and digital collections.

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