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Trio Carbide Hardwood/Sheet Metal Bit

Trio Carbide Hardwood/Sheet Metal Bit

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  • $ 1280

Produces effortless plunge cuts in virtually all materials, including drywall, plywood/composites, solid wood, acoustic tile, plastics, aluminum, up to 22-Gauge sheet metal and laminate/engineered flooring . Supports 360-degree cutting technology and plunge cutting action . Other products in the family sold separately: Trio Steel Multi-Purpose Bit (TR561), Trio Guide Point Piloted Bit (TR560) and Trio Wall Tile Cutting Bit (TR562) . 1/8 in. tip; 3/16 in. shank

Designed specifically for use with the Dremel Trio, this Carbide Hardwood/Sheet Metal Bit allows users to plunge through a variety of materials and immediately start sawing with the same instrument. A handy device for any contractor, installer or DIYer, it bores through sheet metal, hardwood, aluminum, drywall, softwood, acoustic tile, laminate, vinyl siding, fiberglass, plastics, plywood/composites and engineered flooring.

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